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Kavishri History
Kavishri or kavishri is a style of Indian Folk Music Entailing Energetic and Ddynamic a capella singing. It was originated in the Malwa region of Punjab as a sung form of "Chhand-Baddh" kavita (Poetry).
A performer or writer of kavishari is known as a kavishar. Kavishari is usually performed in Melas, Weddings, Diwans (Religious Functions), Harvest Celebrations (i.e. Visakhi) and Mehfils etc.
Kavishari was started/invented by the 10th Sikh Guru, "Guru Gobind Singh Sahib". There was a need of a particular singing style or genre that can gave energy to the war-fighters. So the Kavishari was mostly sung about Bravery, known as Veer Ras, one of the nine Ras' of the Genre.
Kavishar Word is Made of Two Words "Kavi+Shayar", Where Kavi Means Singer and Shayar Means Writer. So Kavishar Means Who Writes and Sing the Kavishari(Poetry). Kavishari is based on vocal and wording/lyrics. Singing style is its voice, Chhand is its body and the Ras (Flavour) is its soul.Many kind of Chhands are used in kavishari. A noted kavishar of Punjab, Babu Rajab Ali, used some rare Chhands like Manohar Bhavani Chhand and gave some new Chhands like Bahattar Kala Chhand to kavishari as well as Punjabi literature.
Here are Nine Accepted Ras as (sub-genres) of kavishari, out of which the most commonly known four are :
Veer Ras (Heroic) Shant Ras (Soulful or peaceful) Vairag Ras (Mystic) Haas Ras (Comic)
It was the Veer Ras that is most commonly sung today and specially for the need of which the genre was created.